A Standard API for Content Management, JSR 170

JSR 170 is the proposed java API for content management, much like JDBC is the standard API for database access. This is an interesting concept from a DCTM perspective.

Traditional business strategists would say that adoption of open standards is not necessarily in the best interest of large, market leaders such as DCTM. Why allow the little guys to conform to spec and steal market share? The only win may be with the late adopters who need total interoperability with their other enterprise apps.
The CM world is still fragmented, supporting a standard may help consolidate it, but DCTM wants to avoid CMS from becoming a commodity for as long as possible. On the other hand, Open Text’s purchase of Hummingbird, and IBM acquiring Filenet may signal that the market is consolidating.

Technically, this would require DCTM to write adapters to conform to JSR 170. Without a doubt, this api will only contain a subset of the functionality that is exposed through DCTM’s DFC. I really can’t see DCTM programmers working with an API where they couldn’t execute the unique functionality within ECS (a publish of the data dictionary?).

But, I can see huge benefits for interoperability where a company like BEA writes adapters for talking to any standard JSR170 CMS, and adding value through an enterprise service bus or service orchestration. This would be a huge win, and the large app servers love to support new connectors and JSRs. Their support (and subsequently their client’s insistence) could be the push that forces business like DCTM to conform.

-Fabian Lee


4 responses to “A Standard API for Content Management, JSR 170

  1. I agree with you in that I do not see DCTM investing resources to make DFC JSR 170 compliant. I am waiting to see if D6 will really be trully web service enabled.

  2. I noticed that John Newton wrote in his blog (http://newton.typepad.com/content/) that Documentum was going to provide JSR-170 support “Documentum plans on providing an implementation in their next release…”. I’m not sure what release John is talking about or how accurate his facts are.

    He also mentions that IBM will be supporting it by year end and that Filenet is working on it for their next release as well.

    He may have been pushing this since Alfresco already supports JSR-170.

  3. From the information provided at Momentum, Documentum is planning to support iECM standard. This is different from JSR 170/283, but shares some members.

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