Momentum Anaheim 2006 – Whats Coming in D6

For those of you that were not able to make it to Momentum, you missed a lot. This year’s user conference covered a lot of new and exciting features coming in D6, as well as the various software applications that EMC has acquired in the past year. Here are some of the highlights with the following disclaimer – all of the information that was presented may/may not make it into D6 depending on final testing and quality assurance.

Content Server

  1. Native Java DMCL
  2. Web services support based on iECM standard
  3. Aspect support for extending object behavior and attributes


  1. Significant enhancements in GUI – using Ajax, keyboard shortcuts, and greater user configuration settings (aka custom presets)
  2. Offline document editing and synchronization capabilities
  3. Improved Drag and Drop and Application Connector features

Web Publisher

  1. Introduction of Page Builder – tool for non-programmers to build web pages
  2. Web archiving for site compliance

Application Builder/Installer

  1. Re-factored as Eclipse plug-in!!!
  2. Docapp components will be saved as ASCII text


  1. Rewritten to take of core D6 web services
  2. GUI rewritten to use ASP.NET

Sharepoint integration

  1. Tighter integration with DCTM content server
  2. Support for DCTM Records Management via Sharepoint interface

New Products

  1. Archive Server – built to support Archive Services for Email and designed to ingest 100,000s objects (eg emails) per day
  2. Embedded Server – designed such that partners built solutions and distribute everything as “appliance”
  3. Virtual Repository – support for legacy ECM and/or shared folders; creates proxy for object mapping and tracking
  4. Rights Management – wraps content such users have to query policy server to view, copy, print, and discontinue use of document. This ultimately ensures that users have the correct version.

If you are developer, you will greatly appreciate the new features in D6 – I certainly do!


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