Documentum + VMware = It really makes sense

Before attending Momentum – this year, I knew very little about how VMware fits in with Documentum architecture. In the past, I have used VM images to set up different configurations for sales demos – this use case is very rudimentary compared to the powerful features that are now available with latest version of VMware.

Here are some of the new features:

  1. VMotion – live real-time migration of VM images from one server to another
  2. Dynamic Resource Scheduling – dynamically balancing of resources across resource pool
  3. HA Enhancement Support

How does VMware fit in the Documentum world?

Development Sandbox

  1. Create developer image that can be cloned to be used by all developers – great time saver for WDK developers

“Golden” Test Environment

  1. Pass development image easily to test environment
  2. Consolidate and reset test bed rapidly
  3. Save multiple versions of test images to be reloaded at any point


  1. Keep development/test image available during product upgrade cycle – this would have be very helpful during 525 to 53 upgrade that I was part of last year
  2. Clone production data into UAT environment easily
  3. Real-time scaling
    – can scale horizontally – add more content servers to host more users if necessary
    – can scale vertically – add CTS/DTS on a server that is not highly utilized


  1. Test patches on multiple configurations
  2. Rollback previous image – helpful if you need to rollback the upgrade of Content Server/docbase

All of this may seem intuitive, but official support of virtualization for Documentum products is new. Documentum has always been architected to be scalable – you just needed to buy more servers and licenses. Now, we can do this without adding servers to our data centers, which the infrastructure folks must love hearing this.


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