Christmas Comes Early This Year

For those you who have been working with Documentum for quite a few years, you know quite well that Documentum has never had an official certification program. With EMC’s acquisition of Documentum a few years back, this dream has finally come true. EMC will be launching their EMC Application Developer certification this Dec. Like other EMC certifications, there will be three levels per track – associate, specialist, and expert. The Associate level and Specialist level exams for Content Management will be the 1st two exams offered. The Content Management Foundations (CMF) Associate level exam will cover technical fundamental of Documentum. The Content Management Server Programming (CMSP) Specialist exam will focus on coding with DFC. The Expert level exam has not been developed yet.

I had the privilege to work with 15 other Documentum gurus from all parts of the world to create the questions for CMSP exam. Only half of them were EMC employees; the rest of us were partners/consultants and a few were actual clients of Documentum. One would think writing an exam would not be too difficult. On the contrary, coming up with questions that did not have obvious wrong answers was very challenging. Lets do the math to quantify the difficulty in writing these questions. We wrote 238 questions. Divide that by 16 of us and you get about 15 questions a piece. We spent half the week writing the questions and the remaining half, validating the appropriateness of the question and answers. 20 hours to come up with the questions translates to about 1.5 hours per question. You would think that we, the invited Documentum SMEs, could write a question in less than 1.5 hours. Hopefully, when some of you get around to taking the certification exams, you will appreciate the time and effort we took into creating a technical accurate, but fair exam. I’ll even say that quite a few of you will curse our names in vain.

Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, this gift from EMC will be greatly appreciated by all of developers who have been waiting for some official recognition of our knowledge and expertise.


7 responses to “Christmas Comes Early This Year

  1. Can you tell us an example of a question? 🙂

  2. Sorry, I’m bound by a NDA.

  3. Johnny,

    I could not see any information on EMC site or Thomson Prometric site about these exams. Do you know of any URL that is on EMC site with more information? I’m eager to give these exams a try 🙂


  4. The exams are not officially released yet; thats why there is not any other reference to them. You’ll probably have to wait till Dec to get any more information than whats on the EMC Developer Site.

  5. Hi,

    it is near the end of December 2006 and there seems to be no news on the exams yet? Thanks.

  6. I have not heard anything either. I will post something as soon as I get an update.

  7. It looks like the initial exams will not be ready until Jan/Feb timeframe:

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