EMC Software Developer Conference 2007

Momentum and Developer Conference have been rolled into EMC World, which is at Orlando from May 21-24, 2007.  Even though there will be plenty of sessions to learn about EMC products and Documentum D6, the most important reason to go is to meet me. 

This will be the first year I will presenting at the Software Developer Conference.  I will be discussing some of the insights, best practices, and tips when designing content management applications.  Technical areas of discussion include object model design, data dictionary usage, folder structure hierarchy, naming conventions, workflows and lifecycles, and security model. I will also be covering build vs. buy strategies for addressing different bulk import requirements.

The title of my session is “Documentum Architecting 3D: Do’s and Dont’s of Design“.  If you can attend, stop by and you can Ask Johnny! in person.


4 responses to “EMC Software Developer Conference 2007

  1. Hi Johnny,

    I’m a Product Architect within a german Service and ISV company that is 100% doing Documentum stuff since over 10 years now. I’m reading your blog from day one and like to thank you for that, its a great resource with lots of valuable information! I just read your latest blog post and the announcement of your session on the EMC World this year and like to wish you all the best! Some of my collegues will attend the EMC World as well and I will send them to your session! 🙂

    I’m just curious about whether or not you already know about our product “migration-center” (www.migration-center.de) because you mentioned to talk about bulk inserting strategies which is exactly what this product is all about! If not I like to give you some short idea of what it does:
    The migration-center moves documents from different source systems to EMC Documentum while intelligently mapping them to the new target structure and attribute model ready for use at no programming cost.

    The system analyzes file path information to extract potential object metadata or accepts metadata from source system if available. This is then mapped to the new Documentum target system in terms of folder structure, attribute assignment or ACL creation. Available are a variety of algorithms and commands to create mapping rules for different datasets. The validity of these rules can be tested dynamically before committing them.

    Here is a list of some more features:
    – Fast bulkload
    – Complete audit trail and error reporting/handling
    – Identification of duplicates
    – ACL Creation
    – Handling of virtual documents
    – Able to run on multiple servers in a network environment
    – Migration statistics and reporting

    Check our website (www.migration-center.de) for further information!

    I’d love to get some feedback on what you think about our product and how it fits into your upcoming presentation at EMC World.


    Björn Waide

  2. R u planning to post ur presentation on the blog too?


  3. Sounds like a really good session…looking forward to it. I hear that you’re moving to Florida to work with some great clients there so Orlando will be a short trip for you 🙂

  4. I will be posting my presentation after the conference is over.

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