Sharepoint makes in roads into Pharma

I just read an interesting blog entry on Brilliant Leap website:

It states that Microsoft has made a customized Sharepoint solution that is targeted at Pharma.  This news in itself doesnt merit any discussions, but the interesting point of the article was that FCG partnered with Microsoft to create this solution, which happens to be called FirstPoint .  FCG has been a long-time partner of EMC Documentum. 

  • Does EMC Documentum see this as a threat to its core customers – pharma? 
  • By partnering with Microsoft, does FCG lose some of its standing with EMC Documentum? 
  • What does this mean with respect to the current Sharepoint integration products with Documentum – will the integration become stronger or will Documentum focus its $$$ in developing a competing product?

Its been a long time since I interacted with pharma companies to know the true impact of this.  I would like hear from people who deal with pharma on daily basis.


2 responses to “Sharepoint makes in roads into Pharma

  1. Not tracking this too much as I haven’t been focusing on Pharma as of late. But FCG is not the only one. Here is a link to a blog talking about SharePoint at the recent DIA conference. It talks about two different solutions based upon SharePoint as well as the overall mood.

  2. Documentum has been a long standing partner with Pharma companies. So long as the FDA continues to require all drug submittles be done using Documentum, I don’t think this will have a huge impact.

    SharePoint is a long way from be at the same level as Documentum as a CMS only tool. Now eRoom might get a run for its money.

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