What is EMC Technical Architect?

Laurence Hart of Word of Pie talked about the EMC certification for a Technical Architect about a month ago.  He was concerned that the focus of Technical Architect exam was going to be focused around hardware and not software solution.  I too was concerned, but until the Job Task Analysis was held, we could only guess what the outcome would be.  Well, that workshop was held in the beginning of August and here is what the exam is going to cover:

  • Migration and Upgrades
  • Business Continuity
  • Scalability
  • Performance and Testing
  • Security
  • Capacity Planning
  • Support Operations
  • Infrastructure Integration
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application Design

I would say that our concerns were justified.   The exam is geared towards certifying candidates so that they are able to “…prepare the technical architecture of an enterprise content management solution.”  Notice that its not focused on certifying candidates to “build” enterprise content management solutions.

The only saving grace is that Technical Architect exam is a Specialist-level exam.  It is being created on a separate track from the Application Developer (EMCApD) and System Administrator (EMCSyA).  IMHO, this exam is geared towards infrastructure specialist/architect.  These folks are needed as soon as an enterprise project starts.  I have been seen many projects falter because the infrastructure was not set up correctly.

So, EMC now has (will have) certifications for setting up infrastructure, administering servers, and programming in DFC or WDK.  Is this enough to build an enterprise content management solution?  I think not.  I strongly believe that there needs to be a certification for “solution architect”.  Someone who has EMCApD can develop an application given a set of requirements and/or design document.  For an enterprise project, who is responsible for creating the design document -> solution architect.


2 responses to “What is EMC Technical Architect?

  1. Johnny

    I just started in the documentum world about 6 months ago as a sys admin down here in Tampa. You may have seen my name in the forums. This is an interesting product and I hope to someday be at your level! I am attending doc admin training in DC in October.

    Austin Ament

  2. I agree, often you get the same person filling both those roles.
    It is two specialist areas that are very different one can only hope that they cater for both.

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