BPM Suite – what’s not obvious in the marketing brochures

With D6, there is a new focus on Transactional Content Management. At the core of TCM is the Business Process Management (BPM) suite of products. The suite contains a wide range of products; a full list is available here on the EMC Documentum site. The design goal of D6 BPM is very similar to other D6 products – process without programming. Here is some information that I gathered from a recent demo of the D6 BPM suite:

  • Process Engine (the program that controls the business processes) – no longer part of the Content Server. Process Engine needs to be installed separately. This enhances the scalability of the engine.
  • Process Analyzer – can import Visio diagrams and automatically generate process templates that a process designer can configure the rest of the settings.
  • Fault handling – can set up separate activity (different from original process flow) to handle faults
  • Forms Builder – version of template and forms instances will NOT be supported till at least version 6.5. In D6, there is new print-friendly feature for forms.
  • TaskSpace – can configure various Inbox views; pdf viewer does NOT support annotations – will need additional license for that support

7 responses to “BPM Suite – what’s not obvious in the marketing brochures

  1. I have recently been trying to figure this out too. We have recently upgraded our platform to D6 and made several findings on the way. It seems that you can now run workflows either on Content Server or the external Process Engine. It seems like EMC want to be able to sell BPM without the content management aspects in the Content Server-centrered products. Still we moved to Process Builder which opens up a lot of new features with regard to consuming information. That can be from FTP, email, Web Services etc. However, as I understand it when you want an external system to trigger workflow events you need Business Process Services (BPM). Also it seems that in order to use BAM you need also to install Process Analyzer. And BAM then requires a separate portal server to set up the dashboards for the displays.

    /Alexandra Larsson

    The thing that I wonder is if there are any differences between the workflow engine found in Content Server D6 and the Process Engine. And I would also like to know when it is appropriate to use the external one instead…and are there any “traditional” workflow actions that you only can do by using the one in Content Server…?

  2. Could you explain little more about this installation of only the process engine that would be separate from the content server, where can information for this configuration be found?

  3. I dont believe it can operate by itself; its just no longer bundled as part of the content server. This allows you to install content server on one server and Process Engine on another. This information should be in the Release Notes of Process Engine.

  4. Its not in the release notes

  5. From the release notes of the Process Engine:
    “The software that comprises the Process Engine is installed as part of Content Server.”

    The content server installation documentation also does not mention anything about separate Process Engine, other than the BPM scripts that are run as part of the configuration process there is nothing that suggests that its possible to separate the content server and the process engine at all

  6. Is this D6 version? If so, then I am at a lost. This was the information that was given out at the informational session.

  7. Yes this is Documentum 6, I had even talked to a pre-sales / account manager he pointed to the same release doco.

    If it is indeed possible to run separate, more information is surely required.

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