Na zdraví Praha!

I have the great fortune of being able to go to Momentum Europe this year in Prague.  My company, Beach Street Consulting, is looking for a cool bar to host an event during Momentum.  We had a great party at Ghost Bar this year at EMC World – Las Vegas and we’re looking to have just as much fun in Prague.

If you know a trendy bar or a place that has an exciting vibe, please let me know.  I’m hoping to meet some of my European Documentum colleagues like Jørg Krause.  Obviously, if you are looking for some technical advice or assistance, my coworkers and I will be around to answer questions and hopefully be able to help you out over a few beers.

Two months and counting!


One response to “Na zdraví Praha!

  1. Hi Johnny,

    I don’t know anything about Prague, yet. However, my company does have it’s own department in Czech Republic, and I sent a RFI to these guys. Hopefully they are able to help 🙂

    So far I do know that Robin East will be there, too.

    Looking forward to meet you.


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