First step – a big deal or not

I came across a blog entry on BrilliantLeap’s about “Documentum Documentation Uncovered” today.  I remember seeing something about this through my EMC Developer Network email updates, but since I already have access to the documentation, I didnt think much of it.  When I clicked on the link to the page to see what’s available, I was sorely disappointed.  The EMC evaluation software (and I presume documentation) that was available centered around the storage products (ie not true Documentum software like Content Server or Webtop).

One could say that this is the first step in the right direction, but my feelings is that this is just a marketing ploy to satisfy the development community continual requests for making more information public.  EMC/Documentum has always kept their documentation/support very close to home.  This pretty much forces clients pay their yearly support/maintenance fee in order to get access to Support Forums and/or software/documentation updates.  I understand this model from a business perspective, but the reality is that if EMC wants to compete against Microsoft or open-source community, EMC has to become more open from a development platform perspective.  This means making the core of the Documentum documentation available to the public.  This last statement is for Alan Z and the EDN to ensure that the first step is not the last step.  Keep up the good work!


One response to “First step – a big deal or not

  1. Johnny, Alan is working on it. I think that link was to an existing page, nothing more.

    Alan started a discussion a few days ago on EDN about what should be made available to developers. I think they are trying to see what they need and how other do it.

    Check it out. The link you saw is definitely just the beginning.


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