Return of the Guru…

Its been over six months, since I’ve blogged. I’ve told myself that I have been too busy with my current project, but the reality is that the Documentum technology I have been working with for over the last 12 years has become stale. Its like the 7 year ITch. I still believe in the product, but I also think that the technology is maturing and that there are many other people who have been working as long as I have and who also have their own blogs devoted to Documentum. So what do I write about now?

Well, I have started looking at Alfresco. Its open source enterprise CMS that many of my colleagues have talked about recently. It has quite a few features that put it ahead of Documentum when it comes to what user community has been asking for. I will be blogging in more detail later about my impressions on Alfresco.

I am also planning to write up some best practices from Documentum implementation strategy perspective. Most of it will be non-technical. Time and time again, I have been involved in projects where the challenges are not technical.

A lot of these implementation challenges are not specific to Documentum. I’m looking to become less Documentum centric and more ECM focused as a whole. Hence, the birth of G-Tweets at ecmguru.


2 responses to “Return of the Guru…

  1. Someone just asked me why I thought Documentum was getting “stale” and why I was looking at Alfresco.

    The “staleness” is a personal perspective on what I have been working on recently and for the past 12 years. I havent looked at CenterStage, nor xDB and DDS, so I didnt try to imply that all of the products were stale. I think a lot progress has been made with Composer and the release of Developer Edition of CS , but this doesnt really excite me given that my role is more of a solutions architect.

    As for Alfresco, its was a simple decision. I was guided to this particular open-source product by my fellow DCTM colleagues who were interested in learning something new. We all felt that open-source is catching on and unless EMC makes DCTM more affordable, more and more clients will be opened to open-source products, like Alfresco.

  2. Hello Johnny,

    As the Community Manager for Alfresco (and the person who started the Documentum Developer Program years ago), it is great to see you taking a look at Alfresco. Welcome to the community!

    I’d love to get your input on the products, the developer environment and our community. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Nancy Garrity
    Alfresco Community Manager

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