2010 – Year of the Tiger

2009 was pitiful year of blogging for me. I just wasn’t inspired by product enhancements and new EMC technologies last year. Sure, the public release of CMIS was a big moment in the standardization of content management features across multiple vendors EMC participation was critical, but does having CMIS sell more products/licenses or affect existing clients. I see adoption of CMIS having a larger impact in the coming years. Cloud computing is becoming more prevalent; however, the since Documentum does not fully support multi-tenancy, Documentum as SaaS does not exist it.

2010 is going to be a better. Here are the highlights of my predictions for 2010. Detail description can be found in my “Letter from CTO” on the NEW Beach Street Blog.

1) Software revenue for ECM products will be at least 20% higher than 2009. A lot customers interested in ECM implementation held off buying anything due to the state of the economy.

2) xCP (aka Documentum) will become the mainstay for CMA. Webtop will still be supported for some time to come, given that most of the UI features have not been ported to xCP (e.g. apply retention). CenterStage will continue to be sold to customer whose only need is to collaborate. However, if you assume that companies are going to invest in automating their business processes and improving employee efficiency, xCP is the only product in EMC that can support this within a short deployment cycle.

3) CEVAs (Content Enabled Vertical Applications) will be the focus for new customers. Most of sales calls I have been involves new customers wanting a vendor that provides a solution that addresses their particular problems (verticals) while providing an architecture/framework that will allow the growth and addition of other solutions. xCP allows partners to build solutions rapidly to address specific needs in a vertical.

One final note, I am delighted that my company as well as all of our consultants have committed to start sharing our technical knowledge and experience through Beach Street Blog. While my blog will continue to focus on architecture discussions, the Beach Street blog will strive to provide information on multitude of products as well from people at various technical skill levels. One our senior Documentum developers has already created posted her reactions to Momentum Europe – Athens.


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