xCP – integration platform of the future?

Last year, I attended training session on xCP and was excited that building a simple content management application in several days was really becoming a reality. Fast forward to today, even third party vendors are looking at xCP as integration platform to deliver quick customer centric applications.

EMC just announced that they are partnering with FatWire to deliver solutions for Web Experience Management (WEM). FatWire will provide the web experience management suite of software, while EMC will provide brand management through Digital Asset Management offering.

The interesting point of this partnership was listed on CMSWire. According to the author, Barb Mosher, “FatWire will be working with EMC to figure out how to leverage xCP to create marketing applications.”

I anticipate more EMC Documentum vendors jumping on the xCP bandwagon. The product release cycle at EMC is becoming longer and longer. If EMC wants to keep customers, it will have to rely on its partners to provide solutions to gaps in functionality. To succeed in this, the xCP platform needs to evolve and become more vendor friendly. Hopefully, the next generation of xCP will provide a better framework so that vendors can build custom xCP components that will facilitate rapid development of content centric applications. Maybe one day, xCP will become like Visual Basic and a market place for custom components will appear.


3 responses to “xCP – integration platform of the future?

  1. Hi Guru,
    I would like to know whether EMC’s xCP workflow can be integrated with dot.net web applications. is it possible some of the info in the workflow to take the workflow forward. I seach the internet no indication of anyone using xCP with dot.net frame work application,ingrating into their xCP workflow. Any info on this, you are aware of.


  2. Hi Ramki,
    Yes, you can use xCP workflow to communicate with .NET applications. You would use web service activities in xCP to send/receive web service calls. Your .NET application would have to something similar (ie receive/send updates).

    If you are asking whether xCP can call .NET apis directly, then the answer is no. In the older version of Documentum, there used to be PIA interface to .NET, but this was just .NET wrapper around DFC calls. This is no longer a supported product and was only available up to .NET v2.


    • Jonnygee,

      First of all thanks you very much. From your reply can I assume,
      In other words, XCP provides web services which is part of XCP installation and We can call the web services from Dot.Net web application and update the workflow as well status of the workflow from our existing asp.net Web application by making some enhancements to our application. Also, will I be able to display my asp.net web forms within documentum by providing link from the documentum(back and forth between asp.net web application and docuemtum xcl forms). I am really sorry to bother you by asking too much from you. There is not much info on the internet highway.

      is there any further details or books or documentum manuals there for this? I would really appreciate your help.

      Thanks again,

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