IIG – What does it mean to me?

Its been two weeks since Mark Lewis gave his keynote at EMC World 2010. During this time I have been able to digest and reflect on the main points of the keynote. I am not going to recap the details; Laurence Hart does a good job on his blog.

Here is my perspective:

1. Re-branding of CMA to IIG (Information Intelligence Group) – my first reaction was “who picked this awful name”. It almost seemed like the marketing folks threw a bunch of words in a hat and picked the first three that came up. After some reflection and discussion with some other folks, I now have a different view point. Even though Mark talked about the CMA name being out-dated, I think the new name was created to help the core EMC sales channel sell “content management” software. I have met many EMC core sales folks (ie hardware) who do not understand what content management is. Their first response is that CM is just file sharing. If this is their understanding of what CM is, I can see why its hard for them to sell $$$ of CM software to their customers. Now, if content is re-branded as “information” and not just files and the CM software can make their “information” smarter (aka intelligent), then CM is no longer just file sharing. Whether this name change really impacts additional sales from EMC core remains to be seen.

2. Strategic Partnership with SAP and Informatica – The SAP partnership makes logical sense, since both companies have common customers that can demand tighter integration between their products. I dont necessarily see this “flowing down” to the rest of the customer base who do not have SAP installed. The more interesting partnership is with Informatica. The ability to store large amounts of transactional information along side content is intriguing. I know life sciences has always had a need to link structured data with unstructured. I hope this partnership is not just about selling each others products. I would like to see the roadmap on when can we expect some sort of integration between xCP and Informatica products.

3. Private/Public cloud – This was brought up literally at the end of the keynote. It almost seemed like an afterthought that IIG keynote needs to be tied back to Joe Tucci’s keynote on Private Cloud. While I understand the IIG is part of EMC, I am disappointed that the executives at IIG cannot provide their own vision and lead instead of being led.

Its a losing battle if your play book only consists of defensive plays. We need to go on the offensive and shake up the content management world, not just play along. I have talked to many folks at IIG about this and unfortunately all of these conversations happened over a few beers, so I cant really reveal anything. I will predict that next year’s EMC World will be significant for both IIG and me personally.

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