My first impressions on new xCP xCelerators

I am currently involve in a opportunity that allowed me to evaluate the new Courts Case Management xCelerator (I will shorten this to CCM for brevity; this is by no means the official acronym for this).   First of all, CCM is NOT full functioning app like Grants Management xCelerator.  The Court Case xCelerator contains high level “design” docs for various components (eg workflow templates, BAM reporting, object model, and UI).  The object model and application roles for Court Case have been created and included in CCM DAR file.  However, that’s it from coding/configuration perspective.

I understand that it takes resources to build out an xCelerator, and that there are plenty of xCelerators that EMC customers have been asking for.  Why doesnt EMC let the community help build out the xCelerators?   There are plenty of developers who are interested in learning xCP and the best way to do this is provide an example or use case.  The CCM design docs are actually good enough to use as basis for building out working CCM xCP app.

Another thing that bugs me is the UI design doc.  There are actually real screenshots for the CCM xCelerator.  This means someone actually had to create the forms and configure TaskSpace application.  Why was the forms and taskspace app not include as part of the xCelerator?  If EMC is concerned about supporting “un-tested” xCelerator, let the community support it.  I would rather have something unsupported and try to trouble shoot bugs than having to create something from scratch.  Unfortunately, this is what I will have to do.  The idea of CCM looks promising, but the delivery of working CCM app is going to take some time and effort.

BTW – the other two “xcelerators” (TaskSpace Advanced Search and Custom Activity Templates) are not apps as well.  They are new “components” that can be included in xcp.  I think these components are great addition to xcp “toolbox” of building apps quickly and with minimal customization.  This reminds of the Component Exchange (  that Documentum Developer’s community used to host back in the day.  Personally, I would call these components something other than xCelerators and leave the moniker to be used for full-blown apps.

Also, I have seen multiple posts from non-EMC folks who want to contribute their xCelerators to the site.  What ever happen with this?  Is this an issue with EMC not wanting to “promoting” contributions from non-EMC employees or have these users withdrawn their offer to contribute?  I would love to know the criteria that EMC has in order to post an individual’s xCelerator to the site.

I feel that all of the pieces are there and there is interest from the developers community, the question is whether EMC can effectively encourage and promote the development of xCelerators by the community.


4 responses to “My first impressions on new xCP xCelerators

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  2. Johnny,

    We’re running a Webcast on xCelerators on Wednesday July 21. The Webcast will address most of your comments.

    To register, please go to



  3. Thanks for the posts about the xCelerator site. Since the posts, there’s been some activity on and related to the site.
    First, there was the webcast mentioned above, which you can view at This presentation goes into some details as to what has been submitted and what’s coming in the future.
    Second, two new sites went live recently, along with some initial submissions to give context and to help get things going.
    The xCP Community xChange page ( is an area where anyone can submit their own xCelerators. This solves the issue stated in the post above, which allows everyone in the community to share their own work in an effort to help reduce implementation time and risk for any xCP project.
    The xCP Design Pattern page ( hosts a catalogue of design patterns and best practices that, like the Best Practices guide, help those implementing xCP by providing ways to solve actual business problems. This should be a very quick way for people to post best practices based on their own experiences.
    We’re excited about both sites and hope the community helps in making both a success.

  4. Hi Johnny,

    With regard to your comments about community participation, you must have been reading our minds! We recently released two new sites for our community to upload and share their material.

    The first is the xCP Design Pattern Catalogue:

    The purpose of the catalogue is to document common design patterns used in xCP to accomplish work. We’ve initally published 5, with more to come in the coming weeks.

    The second is the Community xCelerator xChange:

    As you alluded to, this is kind of like the old “Component Exchange” where the submissions are actual xCP components which can be downloaded and installed.

    There are instructions on both sites which explain how to submit your material and provide the guidelines for submissions. Please do upload anything you have or shoot me an email if you have questions.

    – Adam

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