xCelerators to the Rescue

I was recently asked by one of our sales guy to provide a xCP solution centered around new account openings.  My company, Beach Street Consulting, has already developed several xCP solutions, so this wasnt a big deal.  The challenge was that he needed it tomorrow.  The funny thing is that we just finished deploying one of our solutions to this same customer.  The customer understood the benefits of xCP and knew how UI is highly configurable.  They just wanted to see how what new account openings “could” look like.

Luckily, I knew about EMC xCP xCelerator and Community xCelerator xChange.  I reviewed both site and saw that there was already an Account Management xCelerator built by EMC.  I followed the install instructions and was able deploy it in our lab environment within an hour.  In that hour, I also was able to embed the customer branding and adjust the eForms based on some of the high level requirements that I got from the sales guy.  We were very fortunate that someone built this xCelerator already and that the installation instructions were pretty complete.

I have asked all of my xCP developers to review these sites on a regular basis to see what kind of xCelerators are available and what other folks have developed.  Why reinvent the wheel when there is shop full of tires?

Speaking of xCelerators, if you haven’t voted yet for xCelerator Challenge, please do so.  Here’s the link:


BTW – everyone who votes in the Challenge has a chance to win a Bose Noise Cancelling Headset!


One response to “xCelerators to the Rescue

  1. Thanks for the post, Johnny. Good to see you at AIIM.

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