EMC World: From Outsider Perspective

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend EMC World this year.  Luckily, there were numerous bloggers that did a great job highlighting the conference.  There was a lot of talk about the Syncplicity acquisition as well as showcasing xCP 2.0 and D2.  What I found most interesting was Ron Miller’s interview with Rick Devenuti, who is President of EMC IIG.  Ron’s article “Documentum sees a future in the cloud – Looking to SMB market as growth area” quoted Rick in saying that “…By marketing Documentum as Platform as a Service (PaaS), EMC can suddenly attract a new group of customers beyond its traditional base because third parties can build applications geared specifically to SMB requirements.”

This is similar to something I wrote over two years ago after attending EMC Writer’s Summit in NYC.  Back then we talked about what-if ECM became a commodity.  I felt that if 1) the technology was truly integrated into the platform AND 2) partners could quickly build/configure solutions AND 3) the solutions could be easily hosted, that there would be a large untapped market that EMC could capitalize on – specifically SMB.  I believe 1) is finally here with EMC onDemand, 2) is finally here with xCP 1.6 (and even more so with xCP 2.0 coming out later this year), and 3) is going to be here soon with Syncplicity integration.

A lot of the bloggers talked about the SSO, IRM, synchronization technology that EMC will get from Syncplicity, but what isn’t mentioned as much is the business knowledge that they bring to EMC.  Specifically, the operation costs and pricing model for cloud based solutions.  Syncplicity’s knowledge of freemium model as well as their 4+ years of datacenter operations is key to becoming competitive in the SMB.  EMC could benefit from developing a different licensing model for Documentum (possibly subscription vs perpetual license) to accommodate the minimal upfront costs that SMB typically require.

I’m looking forward to the day that we can offer our solutions to SMB!


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