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REVIEW – Alfresco CMIS


I have read and reviewed many Alfresco books over the years, but I must say that Martin Bergljung has done a terrific job of making a technical book easy to read.  “Alfresco CMIS” is simple and easy to understand.  He minimize the amount of technical jargon and if there were some concepts he felt that the reader may not know, he explained them clearly and effortlessly.

He does a great job giving the history of CMIS and he does even a better job of describing the various CMIS operations in detail and in plain English.  He even talks about how to install CMIS server so that the reader has opportunity to play with CMIS sample code he provides.  Since the book is about Alfresco CMIS, Martin also identifies extensions to CMIS operations that are specific to Alfresco.

I got the most value from Chp 1-4.  I don’t build any java client apps any more, so Chp 5 was no use to me.  My only wish is that the author would have talked about the CMIS operations in the context of business problem.  The best technical books I have read are the ones that relate technical information to business case.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to write a custom app using CMIS against Alfresco repository.