( Top Ten Tips )

Here are some real great tips that I have found. Please post any tips that you think may be useful. If you have the source, please post that as well.

  1. The Mandatory Access Control List feature introduced in 5.3 may cause performance issues, if a user is part of a lot of groups. The SQL generated from this can be significantly inefficient. There is a macl_security_disabled setting in dm_docbase_config object. By setting it to TRUE, the MACL security features are disabled and the inefficient part of the SQL is elimated. If you do not plan to use MACL, this is one way to improve performance. Source: Support Forums.

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  1. 2. Improve Performance of FAST by an order of magnitude

    Until DCTM gets FAST documented properly, many of us are walking around in the dark with respect to how it can be tuned for performance. This note on the forums gives you some tips.

    Source: Support Forums

  2. 3. Crypto Objects initialization error

    If you have cloned or migrated a Docbase you may have had to deal with the AEK key problem, here are the steps necessary to fix your install.

    Source: Suport Forums

  3. Virtual Documents Explained

    Dirk van der Walt wrote a little article in this support post that does a great job of explaining the data model and concepts around virtual documents. This is the best summarization I’ve seen.

    Source: Support Forums

  4. Joerg Krause, identifies using UNION instead of OR with FOLDER predicate increases performance significantly in MSSQL:

    Source: Support Forums:

  5. In one situation, I have to decide what query to execute dynamically and secondly based on result from first query, if nothing is in collection, need to move on with next priority query.

    This is going to be implemented in GetNextTask functioanlity where I need to decide which task shuld be pulled without depending on policy priority.

    So question is, how it’s OK from performance point of view, if I write a stored procedure and entire logic will be build in store procedure rather than handling it at helper class level in WDK framework?

  6. Paul Carter of EMC wrote an incredible little explanation of UCF internals and the INITGAIRConnector


  7. Jhonny,

    Can you please explain me proceduere or how to integrate Documentum 5.3 sp3 to M.S Share point Portal… or please let me know some manuals…

  8. Hi Johny,

    If the search is done with single attribute is case-insensitive and if the search is done with multiple attributes in advanced search,the search is case sensitive. please let us know whether the search case is sensitive or case-insensitive in .

    We are using Documentum 5.3 sp5.and configured the fulltext index server.

    Thanks in advance..

  9. We are working on Documentum 5.3 for 2d Autocad drawings and PDMWorks for 3D Solid works drawing.

    3d drawing from PDMWork are coverted in to 2d drawing and loaded in documentum.

    Users face problem in documentum, When they work simultaneously on PDMWork and Documentum. They encounter this explorer error which close both documentum and PDMWorks. I have attached the screen shot.

    Have you seen this kind of problem earlier. Can you please guide me in this.

  10. All the URL’s going to EMC forum are invalid. JUST FYI

  11. Hi Johnny, how to get these URLs, they seem to be interesting. Please suggest.
    Hi Nagarajan, did you manage to find them anyway?


  12. I am working on xcp ,

    a requirement where we need to send the following notifications as the document passes through the different workflow states:

    Notification will be sent to the users/supervisor when:

    1) the document or process variable is deleted or edit

    2) the document or process data is pass by specific user (like approver and some notification send to workflow supervisor)

    3) the document is archived

    4)some conditional situation (like if process data>100 the go to task1 else go to task2 , notification send to workflow supervisor /specific user)

    i am using

    xcp – taskspace



    thx in advanced


  13. Hi Johny,
    I am really impressed with your talent answers over the decade. Can you please respond this question as mentioned here:

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