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Momentum Anaheim 2006 – Whats Coming in D6

September 26th, 2006

For those of you that were not able to make it to Momentum, you missed a lot. This year’s user conference covered a lot of new and exciting features coming in D6, as well as the various software applications that EMC has acquired in the past year. Here are some of the highlights with the following disclaimer – all of the information that was presented may/may not make it into D6 depending on final testing and quality assurance.

Content Server

  1. Native Java DMCL
  2. Web services support based on iECM standard
  3. Aspect support for extending object behavior and attributes


  1. Significant enhancements in GUI – using Ajax, keyboard shortcuts, and greater user configuration settings (aka custom presets)
  2. Offline document editing and synchronization capabilities
  3. Improved Drag and Drop and Application Connector features

Web Publisher

  1. Introduction of Page Builder – tool for non-programmers to build web pages
  2. Web archiving for site compliance

Application Builder/Installer

  1. Re-factored as Eclipse plug-in!!!
  2. Docapp components will be saved as ASCII text


  1. Rewritten to take of core D6 web services
  2. GUI rewritten to use ASP.NET

Sharepoint integration

  1. Tighter integration with DCTM content server
  2. Support for DCTM Records Management via Sharepoint interface

New Products

  1. Archive Server – built to support Archive Services for Email and designed to ingest 100,000s objects (eg emails) per day
  2. Embedded Server – designed such that partners built solutions and distribute everything as “appliance”
  3. Virtual Repository – support for legacy ECM and/or shared folders; creates proxy for object mapping and tracking
  4. Rights Management – wraps content such users have to query policy server to view, copy, print, and discontinue use of document. This ultimately ensures that users have the correct version.

If you are developer, you will greatly appreciate the new features in D6 – I certainly do!


12 responses to “Word on the Street

  1. Yeah, seems a lot of important changes.

    I would like to see how they improve the stability withing this product suite. I’ve had my share of problems with 5.3, mostly on UI part and I particulary don’t like how the java applets behave.

    Therefore I’m not so joyful on new architectural changes. I’ll wait and see the quality first, before quantity.

  2. I hope that with the implementation of pure java dmcl layer, it may be easier to isolate/debug stability issues. As for java applets, I think the UCF is here to stay. I also heard that support for the old content transfer applet will not be carried forward in D6.

  3. Do virtual repositories in D6 enable the content integration of IBM Content Manager and IBM OnDemand? We are looking into the possibilities of Documentum still acting as a front end to these legacy systems once we switched our scanning facilities over to Documentum. Doing so, we like to avoid huge content migrations.

  4. Since D6 is not released yet, I cant tell its capabilities. If possible, I suggest you attend EMC World, where you can ask the Product Managers directly if they support this.

  5. Just concern a little as not many jobs come up when you look at jobserve or cwjobs or totaljobs etc. So is the Documentum skill set market not good at the moment?

    I have a chance to accept a permanent role at the current client site as I am working as freelance contractor. But this would mean learning new moving away from Documentum and start using new stuff. Looking at the long term, this would set me up quite well as they have good training, career development etc. Where as I can’t figure out what would happen in long term if I keep up with Documentum?

    The money is not as great as I get now as Documentum contractor but they have good pension, private healthcare etc. Also Perm. Job helps with Mortgagees etc…

    So overall could anyone guide if it’s worth keeping up in Documentum or not? Mind you I really like Documentum. Have done lots of training with passing the 1st EMC certification just recently, so quite hesitance to leave it.

    Also do suggest if this thread is in the right place or not. Any good Documentum job sites you know would be welcomed too( there was one from EMC but cant remember).


  6. At in the US, the Documentum market is still pretty good. IMHO, I think the market (available work) has shifted from large Fortune 500 companies to more government clients. I believe the driver for this is more regulatory/compliance -> records management. As for job sites, try http://forums.contology.com and http://dmdeveloper.com/forum

    There’s a great job site for US/Canada – http://www.dice.com

  7. Thanks for the reply Johnny,

    I am also considering relocation to US from UK as there is plenty of Documentum work around from what I found too. Never been to US so its a bit strange one.

    Let’s see what happens. Cheers.

  8. in documentum 6.5 why we unable to search file having underscore in its name???????????
    even its is available in our folders but unable to search

    • Underscore is special character that is stripped out by search engine (just like space) when indexing. If you want to search for the file having underscore, you need to perform a database search not full text index search.

  9. According to your reply we have to search in CustomSearch60.java.

  10. Another question:
    FTDQL does not work for non-admin users:::::::
    We need to gather some statistics based on FTDQL results.
    The following query works for admin user but not returning any result for non-admin user (and also no error):
    SELECT object_name,score,r_modify_date,r_object_id,r_object_type,r_lock_owner,owner_name,r_link_cnt,r_is_virtual_doc,r_content_size,a_content_type,i_is_reference,r_assembled_from_id,r_has_frzn_assembly,a_compound_architecture,i_is_replica,r_policy_id,subject,title FROM X_product where object_name like ‘%test%’ or title like ‘%test%’ or subject like ‘%test%’ or any keywords like ‘%test%’ENABLE(FTDQL)

    Any suggestions on why for non-admin user it does not return any results??

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