Architecting 3D: Do’s and Dont’s of Design – Now Available

Here’s a link to my presentation I made at EMC World 2007:

Architecting 3D: Do’s and Dont’s of Design

Enjoy 🙂

7 responses to “Architecting 3D: Do’s and Dont’s of Design – Now Available

  1. Hey Jonny,

    Great presentation! I was not able to attend your class as I had a pretty full agenda my self, but would have it I had known you were there! Keep up the great work… I have included your presentation on my Documentum 4 Dummies site.

    Troy Martin

  2. Thanks Troy, I’m glad that you fealt my presentation was helpful. Let me know if you have any topics that I should cover as a follow-up presentation.

  3. Based on your presentation i am just curious about your suggestion

    ” Disable ACS from Webtop if you don’t to plan to use it ”

    Any reason why you would do that ?

  4. Webtop’s default configuration is to check for ACS. If you dont have ACS installed on the content server, you get these these annoying error messages in Webtop.

  5. Actually, the main reason that the error messages occur is that ACS is broken in SP4. If you are running Content Server 5.3 SP4, then ACS does not work without a bug fix. It is supposed to be fixed in SP5.

    The primary, non-bug related, reason to disable it would be if the Content Server is behind a firewall. If this is the case, then you need to open a hole in the firewall our from the Content Server. Not always an option. For internal networks, ACS is a great thing. I’ve seen it increase performance even in environments where it wasn’t technically needed.

    Oh, and ACS is installed as part of the Java Method Server in the 5.3 platform. It is on by default.

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  7. Thanks Pie for the SP4 bug update. It never occurred to me that it was broken, since the project I was on never really used it.

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